Top 100 Dishes: The OC

Last November 2010, a friend sent me a link that had a list of the Top 100 Dishes in the Orange County as determined by bloggers of the OCWeekly website. I took a look at the extensive list and realized most of these places are within 30 minutes or less in distance away from me. So why not endeavor into a seemingly impossible task and make it happen?

The goal: Eat and blog all the dishes on this list before the end of 2011. Feel free to join me in completing this list. I need all the help I can get! 🙂

CLICK on the dish to check out my take on it.

I also added my own little rating (1-10) called the Cruzade Rating next to each conquered dish. The rating is based on a combination of presentation, price, and most importantly: taste.

#100. Jerk Carnitas Torta at The Crosby – Conquered 1/11/2011 – Cruzade Rating: 6.5

#99. Nem Nuong Cuon at Brodard

#98. Pork Chop Anything at Nice Time Deli

#97. Flying Saucer at Alberto’s

#96. Frozen Custard at Marc Burger’s in Macy’s Signature KitchenConquered 1/12/2011 – Cruzade Rating: 7.5

#95. Collard Greens at Johnny Reb’s

#94. Strawberry Shortcake from Job’s Daughters

#93. Cuban Sandwich at DeSimone’s Deli

#92. Lamb with Preserved Cabbage at Mas Islamic Chinese

#91. Baked Rice at Luc Dinh Ky

#90. Beans on Toast at The Olde Ship

#89. Midnight Al Pastor Burrito or Taco at Taqueria TapatiaConquered 12/8/2010 – Cruzade Rating: 6

#88. Budino di Cioccolato, Pizzeria Ortica

#87. Beef Teriyaki Bowl, Teriyami

#86. Salmon Onigiri at Cream Pan

#85. Beef Fat Fries at SideDoor

#84. Silken Tofu & Thousand Year Old Egg at Asian Tapas

#83. Cambodian Beef Jerky at Sophy’s

#82. Com Tam at Com Tam Tran Quy Cap

#81. Chipotle-Piloncillo Goat Cheese at SOL Cocina

#80. Nem Nuong Cuon at Au Lac Restaurant

#79. Blackened Mushroom & Tofu Burger at Taco Loco

#78. Fried Veggie Fish Fillet at Dong Phuong Tofu

#77. Tofu Vegetable Salad at BCD Tofu House

#76. Che Ba Mau at Thach Che Hien Khanh

#75. Barracuda Sushi at Ohshima

#74. Whole Lamb with Kabsa at Olive Tree

#73. 5 a.m. Chitterlings at Tri-Village

#72. Spinach Empanadas at El Gaucho #2

#71. Croissants at Molinos Bakery

#70. Beso de Monja at El Rincón del Sabor

#69. Fatteh at Kareem’s

#68. Korean Beef Rib Sandwich at KaffaConquered 12/11/2010 – Cruzade Rating: 7

#67. Rice Flour Pupusas at Pupusería San Sivar

#66. The Hash Browns at Pop’s Cafe

#65. Seven Courses of Beef at Thien An

#64. Baby Back Ribs at Blake’s Place

#63. Fish and Chips at The Chippy

#62. Roasted Beef Marrow Bones at Brasserie Pascal

#61. The Lunch Buffet at Tandoor Cuisine of India

#60. Eggs, Charcuterie and Bread at Uyen Thy Bistro

#59. Wang Mandoo at Myung In

#58. Gobi Paratha at Traditions

#57. Kibbeh at Zait & Zaatar

#56. Chicago Dog at Portillo’s

#55. Persian Buffet at Irvine’s Wholesome Choice

#54. Anything at night at Joe’s Italian Ice

#53. Salteñas at Rollie’s Bakery

#52. Iskender Kabob at Doner G

#51. Secret Beer-Battered Fish Burrito at the OG Taco Adobe

#50. Bun Rieu at Kim Huong

#49. Truffle Fries at Andrei’s

#48. Monday Night Pizza Special at Pizza Shack

#47. Corn Dog at Disneyland’s The Little Red WagonConquered 1/21/2011 – Cruzade Rating: 7

#46. Linguini with Clams at Franco’s Pasta Cucina

#45. Chamoyada at Natural

#44. Meatloaf at Memphis

#43. Paletas at Delicias de México

#42. Omakase at Sushi Shibucho

#41. Odessa Sandwich at Moscow Deli

#40. Tacos de Rajas con Queso at Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen

#39. Crepes con Caramel at Anepalco’s Cafe

#38. “Cobra” Chicken Sandwich at Memphis at the Santora.

#37. Beef Shawerma Plate at Sahara Falafel

#36. Flan at Taleo Mexican Grill

#35. Ahi Poke at Fish Camp

#34. Chao Chow Rice Noodle Soup at Trieu Chau

#33. Sweet Corn Soup at Raya At The Ritz Carlton

#32. Reuben Sandwich at Harry’s Deli

#31. Enchilada Combo at Baja Fish Tacos

#30. Torta Ahogada at Los Primos

#29. Beef Panang from Thai NakornConquered 1/27/2011 – Cruzade Rating: 9

#28. Quesadilla de Huitlacoche from Los Chilangos

#27. Haven Burger from Haven Gastropub

#26. Vegetarian Combo Platter at Tana Ethiopian

#25. Pecan-Sea Salt Tarts at Old Vine Cafe

#24. Fish Burrito at Los Cotijas Conquered 11/22/2010 – Cruzade Rating: 7

#23. Quarter, Half, or Whole Chicken at the Surfin’ Chicken

#22. Kheema Dosa at Dosa Place

#21. Falafels at Kareem’s Restaurant

#20. Hakata Ramen at Shin-Sen-Gumi

#19. Sausage at Sabatino’s

#18. Deep Fried Fish with Mango Salad at Thai Nakorn Conquered 11/23/2010 – Cruzade Rating: 8.5

#17. Mexican Teriyaki Bowl at Mos 2

#16. Tripas Tacos at Taco Pronto

#15. Grilled Steak and Lobster Mashed Potatoes at Mastro’s

#14. Strawberry Croissant at Cream PanConquered 1/21/2011 – Cruzade Rating: 9.5

#13. Fresh Sangak at Wholesome Choice

#12. Banh It Kep Banh Ram at Ngu Binh

#11. Banana Blossom Salad at Xanh BistroConquered 12/10/2010 – Cruzade Rating: 8

#10. Any Ice Cream at Stricklands Ice Cream

#9. Two Tacos for a Buck and Free Pineapple Juice (Until it’s Gone) at Tacos El Chavito

#8. Vietnamese Ceviche at S Fine Dining

#7. Menu Spontané at Marché Moderne

#6. The Whole Sha-bang Shrimp at Boiling CrabConquered 2/17/2011 – Cruzade Rating: 9

#5. Coconut Sambol at Wadiya

#4. Kobe Beef at Tsuruhashi

#3. Smoked Salmon and Eggs at Break of Dawn

#2. Uni Spaghetti at Cafe HiroConquered 2/4/2011 – Cruzade Rating: 8

#1. Taco Acorazado at the Two Alebrije’s Grill


One Response to “Top 100 Dishes: The OC”

  1. Joan Solitario February 23, 2011 at 7:40 AM #

    Just make sure there isn’t anything in the recipe that we shouldn’t be eating 😀 Good luck Ken!

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